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Catering for Gifted and Talented Primary Students in the Shoalhaven


Who discovered the speed of light?  How has the calendar changed?  What processes were used to mummify people in Ancient Egypt?  How did democracy develop in ancient Greece?  How much fun is it to put Shakespeare on the stage, bringing his language to life?  These are all questions pursued by students in the OC program during Years 5 and 6 at Illaroo Road Public School.  The OC program caters for gifted and talented students in their last two years of primary school, and provides excellent skills for transition to high school learning, as well as offering gifted students enrichment, extension and excitement.

Most parents will know if their child is gifted.  Does your child ask really difficult questions – and keep asking until she or he is satisfied with the answer?  Does she have a special interest or passion that she pursues – an interest that you wouldn't expect of a child of her age?  Does he have a way with words, and make up jokes that keep you laughing?  Or is your child really interested in maths and logic, or deeply sensitive to issues in the world around him?  All of these characteristics are common to gifted children, and, yes, gifted and talented children really do need specific programs to meet their needs at school.

Children in the OC program at Illaroo Road Public School experience an integrated two-year program, which caters for their special needs and provides life long learning experiences and great friendships.

Entry to the program is by a public examination in August of the previous year of entry.

If you think your gifted child might benefit from this type of class, come along to the school and learn more.  An Information flyer with all relevant information can be found in the file below.

High Potential and Gifted Education Policy

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